Offered trademarks

Home4you logo Home4you furniture


The Home4you trademark brings together a large selection of furniture and furniture ranges, many of which are also suitable for office use. The selection offers contemporary painted furniture, a wealth of exciting veneers, and both exotic wooden materials and familiar customer favourites – oak-wood furniture. Moreover, this furniture range offers a huge variety of sets and products suitable for your living and dining rooms.

The Home4you trademark offers something for each taste – we supply modern Scandinavian furniture, popular classics, as well as romantic styles. To make our clients' choice easier we also provide ready-made sets for the dining room as well as the opportunity to individually combine tables and chairs. We have a large selection of chairs and bar stools and cover materials – from plastic to textiles. Home4you's product range also spans a large selection of sofas, armchairs and sofa beds of different styles.

Many of Home4you trademark's products are for interior use. We have a wealth of different sideboards and boxes-chests of all sizes, along with everything you need in the hallway and dressing room, whether a beautiful series of metal furniture for balcony or winter garden, or a large selection of baskets and boxes, clocks, pictures, dishes, etc. We also import under the Home4you trademark high-quality candles and offer a huge selection of natural-looking artificial orchids. Our textile products pillows, linens and tablemats are generally produced in our own sewing department and the choice of textiles changes annually to stay abreast of the latest trends.

Garden4you logo Outdoor furniture


The Garden4you trademark represents the largest garden furniture selection in the Baltics. Our range of different materials and colours ensures that everyone can find their ideal garden furniture or interior product. The Garden4you range includes a huge selection of popular weatherproof woven Wicker plastic sets and individual products that can be combined according to colour. We also supply garden furniture made from wood, wood imitation, aluminium and plastic, along with garden swings, hanging swings, sunshades, canopies, trampolines, garden textiles, and many more.

A separate selection includes a range of table legs, tops and chairs for the HORECA sector that are perfectly suited for cafes, outdoor terraces of restaurants, or beach bars. Here you can combine products to create the set that’s right for you!

Garden4you’s trademark products have been carefully selected with the latest trends in mind, as well as our customers’ desire to enrich their garden furniture market with new and innovative products. We have always kept our clients' preferred products and series in mind when creating our product range. We also take into account our clients' favourite colours when creating our popular main collection. Yet we always try to add something different, bringing exciting new colours and unique products to your gardens.

Office4you logo Office chairs


We import a huge selection of work and office chairs under the Office4you trademark. We have something for everyone – we have chairs designed for children and teenagers, office workers, managers, sales staff, customers, etc. Our range includes ergonomic chairs for optimal comfort during long hours at your desk, and specially designed chairs tailored to all shapes and sizes. We have classic work chairs as well as interesting and stylish colours and designs for those who like a distinctive look. When we were creating the chair collection for Office4you we followed our clients' preferences and wishes, so that you can find the style that’s right for you. These options are even wider for those choosing quest chairs and many models can be ordered with covers of suitable colour.

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