Inbank hire purchase can be used to pay for one or several products in instalments.

For you, using hire purchase is:

  • easy – entering into a hire purchase contract is easy, because you can get the goods and the financing from the same place;
  • convenient – you don’t have to submit any additional documents (other than your ID) when entering into a hire purchase contract, and the clients of all banks can use the service; and
  • fast – you will get a response to your hire purchase request in just a couple of seconds, and entering into the contract does not depend on the day of the week or the time of day. You can sign the contract via immediately after your request is approved.


Requirements for the customer:

  • age 21 to 75 years (incl.);
  • regular proven monthly income at least 240 euros. Regular income is, for example, salary, pension, maternity benefits;
  • prior payment behaviour has been correct and there are no active payment defaults;
  • valid residence and work permit (in the event of a foreign citizen’s passport). We accept the following as identity documents: Estonian passport, Estonian alien’s passport and ID card; and
  • the existence of a current account in one of the following banks (necessary for sending e-invoices): Swedbank, SEB Bank, Luminor Bank and LHV Bank.


Terms and conditions of financing:

  • the amount financed with the hire purchase contract is 75 to 10,000 euros;
  • the term of the hire purchase contract is 4-48 months;
  • the contract fee is 0 euros;
  • the interest rate is 13.9% of the financed amount;
  • the down payment starts from 0 euros.


The APR of hire purchase is 29,46% on the following sample conditions: price of the object of contract when paid immediately (net price) 419 euros, credit amount 419 euros, contract period 12 months, fixed interest rate 13.9% per financed amount, contract fee 0 euros, monthly payment 39,60 euros, total amount of credit and amount of repayments 475,17 euros. The creditor is Inbank AS (licence no. 4.1-1/31, place of business Niine 11, Tallinn, telephone: 640 8080). Please read the terms and conditions of the requested agreement, or consult an employee or Inbank AS or another professional before you sign an agreement.


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