Hammock GRETA yellow

Hammock GRETA yellow
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Hammock GRETA yellow. The product has been hand made by El Salvador artisans. They have applied traditional production techniques to keep their culture alive. The fabric is hand woven and the colors are used according to the local heritage. Model GRETA is inspired by the beautiful lush landscape of El Salvador. The hammock is as bright and colorful as the rainbow. The hammock offers an ideal opportunity to relax and unwind. The lying area is made of cotton fabric and the polyester strings ensure the strength and durability. You may hang the swing between two trees, poles or walls. It is also possible to use a hammock stand. You may purchase as an accessory a universal hammock stand with the code 13237. The fastening points must be 25-30cm further than the overall length of the hammock. The hammock measures are 127x230/320cm and the weight limit is 120kg. The length of the wooden bars is 100cm. MAINTENANCE: the hammock should not be left to the sun or rain for a longer time. The durability of the fabric and strings decreases and the colors fade due to UV radiation and excessive humidity. The hammock should be stored in a dry and shady room. The hammock is washable in up to 40° water and soap. CAUTION: the product is not meant to be used in strong winds or rain.

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