Dining set LILY table, 6 chairs

Dining set LILY table, 6 chairs
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Dining set LILY table and 6 chairs. Inspired by antique furniture, the LILY table is a jewel in the dining room, adding timeless dignity and elegance to the room. Dimensions of the table are 137/182x106,5xH76cm. The tabletop is covered with carefully selected and beautifully cut natural oak veneer. The veneered surface is finished with lacquer. The edge profile of the tabletop is made of solid wood. The turned legs and the base frame of the table are made of rubberwood and finished with antique white paint. The table can be extended in the middle. The 45cm wide, folded extension plate is placed under the tabletop. Dimensions of the chair are 49x63xH98cm. The seat of the chair is upholstered and covered with beige polyester fabric. The backrest, legs and frame are made of rubber wood and finished with antique white paint CARE: varnished tabletop covered with natural veneer is very sensitive to moisture and temperature. Always use mats and hotplates under the tableware. Any liquid that gets on the table should be dried immediately with a soft cloth. Avoid excessive rubbing and abrasive cleaners.

In stock (shipping time 1-3 workdays)

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