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ACTONA is a global enterprise established in Denmark, with more than 35 years of experience. They aim to be the world’s most attractive supplier of furnishings on the international furniture market. Their designers are a dynamic group of architects/designers from Denmark and other countries.

ACTONA believes that excellent furniture should be available to everyone. To achieve this, they are working hard to design and produce reasonably priced modern furniture for customers across the world. They aim to make furniture that stands out for its perfect and pleasing design, combined with all the necessary functions and budget-friendliness.

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ACTONA’s product selection includes chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, soft furniture, home office furniture, bedroom furniture, etc. Excellent furniture is more than just a cool design. What goes into it just as important – the preparations, an appealing selection of materials, attractiveness, durability and customisability.

Dining room ACTONALiving room ACTONA



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